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Raptors Ruffle2Shuffle 1 指標 2 指標 3 指標 1 年前
I don’t know man but I feel like the ECF will be between celtics and bucks!
Mavericks nonoff-brand 5 指標 6 指標 7 指標 1 年前
Lakers backboarddd1_49402 10 指標 11 指標 12 指標 1 年前
Also they forgot defense is played in basketball so that won’t help.
Nuggets davidbelac 26 指標 27 指標 28 指標 1 年前
Your picks are probably the closest to mine as I’ve seen on here. So good in fact I borrowed your format to post mine. Let’s win that Reddit premium. 🙂
Malik Monk PestyAssassin33WU93 36 指標 37 指標 38 指標 1 年前
I fully believe in a Rockets/Raptors Finals.
I think to preserve home-court advantage, the road team has to sleep on prison cots in an uncooled room in the hotel basement while they are on “the road”.
Where Dame drops 50 in game 1 to shock the Lakers before Lebron and AD are able to steady the ship and close out the series pretty quickly after an important wake up call.
Lakers ArmzSpaghetti 6 指標 7 指標 8 指標 1 年前
I mean on a team struggling to make the playoffs in the East, sure.
Kawhi Leonard MrAnder5on 3 指標 4 指標 5 指標 1 年前
Ok-Cartographer3982 6 指標 7 指標 8 指標 1 年前 *
Kobe Bryant NotDanKenz 2 指標 3 指標 4 指標 1 年前
My heart says Trailblazers/Rockets to win, my brain says Lakers.
Josh Richardson Absyrd 32 指標 33 指標 34 指標 1 年前
Heat vs Raptors in ECF Rockets Vs Clippers in WCF Clippers vs Heat in Finals
Unless of course he does for playoffs and I’m wrong. Fuck it Rockets in 6
Heat Soccerisntwrong 1 指標 2 指標 3 指標 1 年前
Bruno Caboclo Pegasus_Seiya 1 指標 2 指標 3 指標 1 年前
You are totally right. I’m not sure when the last time was that there was a conference with this many strong teams.
blazers over lakers in 7. beat whoever comes out of the 4/5 seed and make it to the conference finals for the second year in a row, where they get absolutely obliterated by the clippers. clippers over celts in 6
Suns Stormdude127 37 指標 38 指標 39 指標 1 年前
Zach LaVine FriendlyRedditUser23 44 指標 45 指標 46 指標 1 年前
Bucks ImaStillInsane 1 指標 2 指標 3 指標 1 年前
Lol saying half the games would just be KD and Kyrie reaction cam
I have this but Clippers in 6 instead of 5
lol come on bro. good things don’t happen to us when it matters.
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Joe Ingles NitroXYZ 45 指標 46 指標 47 指標 1 年前
I think all 4 teams have a shot—definitely wouldn’t be “shocked” any way—but the Clips match up really well with the Lakers and the Bucks are by far the best team in the league this year
Los Angelos Clippers vs Dallas Maverick – Clippers in 5.
It’s a shame that he’s going to have to settle for being the third option next season. Dude can definitely be the number one option on a team.
Raptors goodcanadianbot97 28 指標 29 指標 30 指標 1 年前
Not on a good team. You have to remember our defense makes everyone from Tyler Johnson to Alec Burke’s look like a God
Nets Bandwagon -2Black2Strong- 14 指標 15 指標 16 指標 1 年前
First round- Bucks beat Magic in 4 Heat beat Pacers in 7 Celtics beat 76ers in 5 Raptors beat Nets in 5 Lakers beat Blazers in 5 Thunder beats Rockets in 7 Nuggets beat Jazz in 5 Clippers beat Mavs in 5
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I went for the “pick some shit that no one else will pick” route and went for Nuggets over Celtics. Believe in that.
James Nunnally dnzgn 9 指標 10 指標 11 指標 1 年前
I think Lakers vs Raptors seems the most realistic.
Fuck it, Raptors nba finals vs Lakers, Lowry wins FMVP.
Yacht Club Portlandblazer07 25 指標 26 指標 27 指標 1 年前
Should be some great series over the run, Full Predicitons;
Boston Celtics vs Philadelphia – Celtics in 4
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Trail Blazers CostlyAxis 34 指標 35 指標 36 指標 1 年前
Heat-Bucks goes to 7 games when they meet
James Nunnally dnzgn 2 指標 3 指標 4 指標 1 年前
Magic OrlandoMagic89 0 指標 1 指標 2 指標 1 年前
Tampa Bay Raptors MrGrieves- 3 指標 4 指標 5 指標 1 年前
I still see people in this sub call him overrated constantly. Dude might very well be the best point guard in the eastern conference, and not only that, he does it all. He shots from distance, he can finish at the rim, he can defend, and he can play make with the best of them. Dude is a stud and he’s consistently top tier and has been for years. People just never took note because they would regularly get sent home by Lebron or an arguably worse Eastern conference team they should have beaten.
Lakers backboarddd1_49402 49 指標 50 指標 51 指標 1 年前
It would be an upset if anyone but the Bucks win.
Hornets CommunalBanana 6 指標 7 指標 8 指標 1 年前
Just dropped 50 bucks on blazers/raptors finals, 250-1 odds.
JaVale McGee ashwinr136 0 指標 1 指標 2 指標 1 年前
Raptors Entropizzazz 1 指標 2 指標 3 指標 1 年前
I would genuinely love to see that, voted OKC over Houston in 6
Jimmy Butler nobbysolano24 4 指標 5 指標 6 指標 1 年前
Bucks over Magic in 4 Heat over Pacers in 6 Sixers over Celtics in 6 Raptors over Nets in 4
I can never tell with the Heat. They definitely have the ability to beat the Bucks, I think it comes down to being able to get the hard buckets in the clutch which hopefully Jimmy and Goran can help with and obviously gotta contain Giannis.
2nd Round Bucks over Heat in 7 Sixers over Raptors in 6
Entries close Monday August 17th at 1:30PM EST
The Bucks looked pretty awful in the bubble. My “hot” take is Bucks go out in round 2
picture of his bossom as the Photo on the front cover of the News
Im thinking the heat may actually take the bucks out
West 1st Round Lakers over Blazers in 4 Thunder over Rockets in 6 Nuggets over Jazz in 7 Clippers over Mavs in 5
PG is too small for both, Harrell is terrible, Zubac is too slow, Green is too slow/old, and Morris just isn’t good enough
Celtics HugeBootyLover 19 指標 20 指標 21 指標 1 年前
Knicks lethargicturtle40 1 指標 2 指標 3 指標 1 年前
My gut says Rockets vs Heat, my heart wants Sixers vs. Lakers. So most likely it’ll be Celtics vs. Clippers
I actually picked lakers raptor final as well
I would have disagreed with you about bucks but there have been weird chemistry issues since they got back- that being said, a large reason for raps winning so many games is that they’re a team that brings playoff intensity to every game. I think that if they come up against a team that matches their intensity, almost every team will give them trouble
Raptors imamistake420 8 指標 9 指標 10 指標 1 年前
Lakers will embarrassingly sweep the Blazers in a very similar and public fashion a-la the Pelicans a few years ago.
What I had. So many fans trying to wish an upset into existence.
Pistons NewWorldRule 1 指標 2 指標 3 指標 1 年前
Lakers elbowgreaser1 1 指標 2 指標 3 指標 11 月前
Well, i did a coin flip bracket for fun, and got a Jazz vs. Sixers final .
So many people picking the Clippers to win it all and I’m over here picking the Mavs to push them to seven games and may even upset them. ????
Trail Blazers ccotarobles_20 19 指標 20 指標 21 指標 1 年前
My spicy pick is Khris Middleton winning the finals MVP. I think Giannis will have a relatively bad series when Clippers load up on him but it will open up space for Middleton and he will get the narrative votes if he hits some clutch shots. I think Giannis will be their best player but won’t win the finals MVP trophy.
Wizards Rainbow_Toilet 151 指標 152 指標 153 指標 1 年前
Really though, probably Clippers vs. Raptors with Kawhi as MVP or something like that.
The Suns come in and sweep every series in four games, Booker is finals MVP, and Thybulle is hired by ESPN to direct 30 for 30: You Just Got Beat By The Suns .
Well yeah. Because we are the best team in the nba
Rockets over Celtics in the finals. Feels like it could be another weird year, especially with the bubble format.
Seeing all these people say raps over bucks is putting a fuzzy feeling in my heart. Thanks bro
Raptors are getting overrated. Great team and coach but superstars win championships. It will be tough for them to win it all. I’ll take slight pleasure being right on this. I see ECF being their peak these playoffs.
Rockets msinatra7 11 指標 12 指標 13 指標 1 年前
Los Angelos Lakers vs Portland Trailblazer – Lakers in 6
Y’all just have so many of those guys who will just do whatever it takes to win on your roster, in addition to several super underrated players too. In my mind, y’all are the favorites.
Peja Stojaković qmjonatas 1 指標 2 指標 3 指標 1 年前
I bet against yall since Simmons is out, but don’t overestimate the Bucks. They’re built to dominate the regular season.
Makes sense the Rockets fan is the one stanning him
Tampa Bay Raptors BasketballHighlight 190 指標 191 指標 192 指標 1 年前
No home court? Better co back and revise my prediction to the Clippers they are used to that shit.
Nets Bandwagon -2Black2Strong- 16 指標 17 指標 18 指標 1 年前
Conference finals- Bucks beat Celtics in 4 Lakers beat Clippers in 7
76ers Malcolm_TurnbullPM 2 指標 3 指標 4 指標 1 年前
Raptors M3m3Commander 5 指標 6 指標 7 指標 1 年前
To your point: I do think we’ll see more upsets this year as well, but that could entirely be a function of how good teams are this season. Outside of Portland/Orlando/Brooklyn, arguably Dallas, there really aren’t that many true underdogs this year.
It’s crazy bro. There’s no Kawhi in the east to stop Giannis this time, and people really forgot about Playoff LeBron.
Dozens of people would be tuning in with their AM radios.
Given how 2020 has been going, I would say… Cleveland.
2nd round Lakers over Thunder in 5 Clippers over Nuggets in 6
Caris Levert gonna average 40 in that Raptors series
Houston Rockets vs Oklahoma City Thunders – Thunder in 5
LOOOOL. I actually remember quite a few people call this to so its a little less impressive. But I also didn’t expect a damn sweep lol.
My prediction is after game 7 the Suns storm the court and challenge the Champions for best team in the bubble.
76ers Vanilagorila38 2 指標 3 指標 4 指標 1 年前
What’s your argument for this because as good as they are offensively, i can’t see them taking more than one game off us with their defence
Mavericks Fuzakenna_ 9 指標 10 指標 11 指標 1 年前
Lakers Bandwagon ancient_chai 13 指標 14 指標 15 指標 1 年前
Kawhi Leonard MrAnder5on 83 指標 84 指標 85 指標 1 年前
I feel more confident in their shooting. They have nice spacing and Luka needs to play like he played against the Bucks. Drive and kick 24/7
I’m fucking traumatized from that -40 deficit we had. Hope to Christ that Nick Nurse and the team have watched the tapes on a loop since then.
They’ve done very well—against LeBron, specifically—matching up with them this season.
8 seed vs 7 seed, you mean! Levert wants revenge!
Trail Blazers wasabimcdouble 17 指標 18 指標 19 指標 1 年前
Grizzlies CrunchTimex 1 指標 2 指標 3 指標 1 年前
Mavericks RastaTargaryen 32 指標 33 指標 34 指標 1 年前
Pistons NewWorldRule 4 指標 5 指標 6 指標 1 年前
We just saw Devonte Graham as the first option on the team.
Denver Nuggets vs Utah Jazz – Nuggets in 4
Jazz PodSixWasJerks 55 指標 56 指標 57 指標 1 年前
Brandon Ingram xElectricW 1 指標 2 指標 3 指標 1 年前
Aight submitted mine, made sure to pick a few upsets there’s always a few every year
Raptors ZincHead 207 指標 208 指標 209 指標 1 年前
Spurs joshuamillertime 4 指標 5 指標 6 指標 1 年前
i think he got it mostly after last year
Lakers liarliarplantsforhre 24 指標 25 指標 26 指標 1 年前
Bucks OutsideTheServiceBox 14 指標 15 指標 16 指標 1 年前
Raptors MolicOnePGR 49 指標 50 指標 51 指標 1 年前
Yes this is a good one i love this take. Both Conference finals are predectable but could go the other way Zara Ropa 2019
Jumping in to say I’ve got the same as you.
I think the Raptors have looked better than the Bucks in the bubble. Akatsuki Sneakers Cloud Jutsu It Naruto Anime Shoes MN05
1st Round: MIL in 4; TOR in 5: BOS in 6: MIA in 6: LAL in 5: LAC in 6: UTA in 7: nba 2020 predictions reddit OKC in 6
Celtics BigBallerBrad 3 指標 4 指標 5 指標 1 年前
OKC in 6. Denver in 7. Clippers in 5. Lakers in 5.
Josh Richardson Absyrd 29 指標 30 指標 31 指標 1 年前
West is closer. Seems like a 3 man race between LAL/LAC/HOU. I’m not a big believer in LAC, after Kawhi/PG their depth takes a pretty big hit. Plus we’ve seen PG struggle a lot come playoff time in the past.
Toronto Raptors vs Brooklyn Nets – Raptors in 5
I expect Dallas to over perform compared to people’s expectations for them. I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility that they knock the Clippers out in the first round. A lot of their season they dealt with injuries to key role players and they’re just now figuring out how to work without them. Plus, Doncic and Porzingis are both playing out of their minds right now.
Good luck with your predicting and enjoy the playoffs!
Rockets free_reezy 35 指標 36 指標 37 指標 1 年前
Just lulling them into a false sense of security. 4d chess
David Nwaba royaljet 139 指標 140 指標 141 指標 1 年前
James Nunnally dnzgn 26 指標 27 指標 28 指標 1 年前
76ers Vanilagorila38 2 指標 3 指標 4 指標 1 年前
Trail Blazers longdonginyourmom 32 指標 33 指標 34 指標 1 年前
I’ll be shocked if the finals are not bucks vs clippers.
Tom Heinsohn ginja_ninja 7 指標 8 指標 9 指標 1 年前
I think they will lose to the celtics in 6 games.
True, but I’m not sure if it’s them coasting or if they’ve lost a step after quarantine. I’m betting on the former, but as a Raptor fan hoping it’s the latter.
Blazers are a dark ????. If they get out of the 1st there’s no stopping them.
Lutherbezos calls up the Suns and is all like “One of Lebron’s family members that came into the bubble is riddled with rona and the Lakers are out. You wanna fill in?”
There’s players that can do it, idk if it suits them best
Heat throwawayaccoun1029 22 指標 23 指標 24 指標 1 年前
You and me both, brother! 2 v 2 all the way.
Shiiiet I’ve got Heat upsetting the Bucks in round 2. And if that doesn’t happen, then the Raptors in the ECF.
Unless Clippers are wildly injured, I don’t think Lakers are gonna get over the Clips in 5. Hell, except LeBron and AD they don’t have a solid production from the bench. Whereas on the other side, you got Kawhi and PG alternating in Quarters 2 &3 to keep the pressure constant and they come together in clutch. Clippers got good rotations so, as of now clips gonna cross the line.
76ers GOAT_Redditor 11 指標 12 指標 13 指標 1 年前
Raptors Entropizzazz 1 指標 2 指標 3 指標 1 年前
Celtics RoseOfStardust 10 指標 11 指標 12 指標 1 年前
Trail Blazers broccolibush42 362 指標 363 指標 364 指標 1 年前
I think the Rockets have a good chance against the Lakers because of ADs refusal to play center.
Nets are at least in a large media market
Bucks vs Lakers or Bucks vs Rockets . I think the Bucks win it all though.
I don’t think they’ve earned the right to flip a switch, so I hope they come out in round 1 ready to fucking play
NBA teams have a 9-10% advantage when playing at home. This goes up to like ~13% in the playoffs .
Would rather player the ’96 Bulls than Caris LeVert again
I’d be happy with that. Playing the Celtics in the 2nd round scares me, though I think we’d actually do really well against the Bucks.
Raptors imamistake420 1 指標 2 指標 3 指標 1 年前
Some studies point to home court advantage being primarily affected by reffing, which is less likely to happen in the bubble.
One thing I have to keep reminding myself for these playoffs: There’s no home court advantage this year.
Bucks CreamCityFr34k 4 指標 5 指標 6 指標 1 年前
Jonas Valančiūnas YuviManBro 13 指標 14 指標 15 指標 1 年前
Magic OrlandoPerson69420 1 指標 2 指標 3 指標 1 年前 Goku Shoes Boots Dragon Ball Z Anime Sneakers Fan Gift MN04
With how shite every body has been besides Luka, KP and Doe doe, I wouldn’t be too sure
I’m really shocked at the lack of faith in Giannis and Lebron, and to a lesser extent, Harden.
Trail Blazers notBornIn_eighties 42 指標 43 指標 44 指標 1 年前
Clippers win the championship. After party at Magic City with some Lemon Lou Wings.
All Imma say is, I may have voted the Blazers over Lakers ????
Celtics HugeBootyLover 23 指標 24 指標 25 指標 1 年前
Here are my three bubble is fixed predictions: Lakers v Bucks , Lakers v Celtics, Clippers v Raptors
Lakers ArmzSpaghetti 22 指標 23 指標 24 指標 1 年前 *
Even if they Heat dont get the upset, Id be surprised if that series wasn’t at least 6 games and very even
Most likely scenario since LeBron takes game 1 to scout
No way in hell lakers v clips doesn’t go seven and im saying this as a bronsexual
I know its a homer pick and all, but I genuinely think the Heat are the best team to beat the Bucks other than the LA teams and they will make it to the finals to lose to LeBron
Celtics BigBallerBrad 3 指標 4 指標 5 指標 1 年前
76ers Thereisnocomp2 12 指標 13 指標 14 指標 1 年前
Boys will play hard and have fun. The real championship will be the friendships they made at disney.
San Francisco Warriors ChefCurry3-1LeBum3-5 1 指標 2 指標 3 指標 1 年前
Shit, after putting AD as my prediction I’m realizing this seems way more likely
Jaylen Brown WarcraftFarscape 5 指標 6 指標 7 指標 1 年前
Milwaukee Bucks vs Orlando Magic – Bucks in 4
Yacht Club Portlandblazer07 14 指標 15 指標 16 指標 1 年前
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Best predictions I’ve seen on this thread.
LAC Bucks finals, Bucks in 7, Giannis MVP
I would be okay with this, because I want Lowry to get the respect he has deserved for so many years now.
That’s who I chose with Lakers winning and LeBron getting a somewhat controversial Finals MVP with many thinking AD deserved it more.
They don’t really, they have one person who can guard Lebron and one person who can kinda guard AD and it’s the same person.
Raptors whocaresidont_ 18 指標 19 指標 20 指標 1 年前
Rockets GaTech379 12 指標 13 指標 14 指標 1 年前
Kings PointSaintGeorge 54 指標 55 指標 56 指標 1 年前
Barring a Giannis injury, I really don’t see anyone but the Bucks coming out of the East.
Lakers DestinySaber 48 指標 49 指標 50 指標 1 年前
Heat throwawayaccoun1029 5 指標 6 指標 7 指標 1 年前
Will we see a summary of what everyone picked after this closes?
7 ‘neutral’ games will definitely lead to some funky results.
2nd Round: MIL in 6: BOS in 7: LAL in 6: LAC in 5
Lakers adam_smith321 146 指標 147 指標 148 指標 1 年前
Heat Soccerisntwrong 5 指標 6 指標 7 指標 1 年前
nba literally got rid of defense because of that series
I see your flair and I can understand the frustrations behind this comment. Feel sorry for you brother.
That could actually happen. The heat defended Giannis really well in 2/3 of their games
76ers Vanilagorila38 1 指標 2 指標 3 指標 1 年前
Lakers HydroThermia 22 指標 23 指標 24 指標 1 年前
10% is a LOT, and it’s worse for Utah and Denver, who have the biggest home advantages across all major sports due to the altitude.
Lakers NeverBeenStung 18 指標 19 指標 20 指標 1 年前
Is there any way to go back to look at your predictions on the site?
Joining Jerry West as the second player ever to win FMVP while losing the finals.
Celtics thebiggestgamer 7 指標 8 指標 9 指標 1 年前
I’ve been on the Raptors repeat train since the offseason. People kept questioning Skiakam as a number one option without Kawhi, but he did that plenty this past season while Kawhi was missing games. Not sure why anyone had any doubt that he could be a beast again, and people act like Kyle Lowry isn’t an absolute threat as a number two option depending on the game. Plus, everyone says the Nuggest and the Clippers Have the deepest rosters, and while you can maybe make that cast, the Raptors have the best quality in their depth, and you have plenty of quality depth at that. You also have one of the best coaches in the league, and you’ve already shown you can stop Giannis without having a top defender shadow him, because you guys just play a smart zone defense against him.
Grizzlies CrunchTimex 5 指標 6 指標 7 指標 1 年前
Raptors Ruffle2Shuffle 1 指標 2 指標 3 指標 1 年前
Jokic finals MVP don’t be surprised when it happens fellas
CJ earned it and basically confirmed it last night by yelling in a ROOKIE’S face about how he couldn’t guard him as he was sneaking into the playoffs in his prime. Just don’t have the mentality.
The first two games they looked like they never missed a step, looked dominant. Then they progressively got worse outside of a few great stretches. The last 2 games we looked like we were phoning it in.

This is my thinking. I don’t think it’s a huge advantage for any team, but, especially in the second round, I could see it partly being what helps an underdog maybe edge out a top seed.
Trail Blazers wasabimcdouble 68 指標 69 指標 70 指標 1 年前
Second round- Bucks beat Heat in 5 Celtics beat Raptors in 7 Lakers beat Thunder in 6 Clippers beat Nuggets in 5
This. OKC is winning the title this year.
Clippers JohnWick94 24 指標 25 指標 26 指標 1 年前
You would have a better chance to turn a profit burying 50 bucks and hoping it a grew a money tree. LOL.
A lot are counting Lakers out easily because of their recent bubble performance. Seems like everyone is forgetting how Lebron and Rondo can be a beast in the playoffs. And also, in recent seasons, Lebron seems to play bad in the last games of the season. Maybe resting cause he’s old.
If Rockets don’t make it Portland v Bucks
Lakers NeverBeenStung 43 指標 44 指標 45 指標 1 年前
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander ODEtoSZA 1 指標 2 指標 3 指標 1 年前
Rockets vs Clippers, Raptors vs Bucks Clippers vs Bucks, Clippers win Kawhi fmvp
Mavericks difdiddiekekek 13 指標 14 指標 15 指標 1 年前 *
Australia inefekt 11 指標 12 指標 13 指標 1 年前
Would it? They lost to the Lakers last time they played, and only have 3 more wins than the 2nd overall seed, 4 than the 3rd.
Raptors ArenSteele 23 指標 24 指標 25 指標 1 年前
Okc in 6 Denver in 5 Mavs in 6 Portland in 7 Bucks in 4 Heat in 6 Raptors in 5 Celtics in 6
In my eyes I think LAL vs Houston in round 2 will be the real WCF in a sense. Although the Lakers would probably pull it off, I wouldn’t be too shocked to see Houston sneak past them.
76ers Vanilagorila38 14 指標 15 指標 16 指標 1 年前
We talk about how stacked every year the West is, but Portland and Dallas are easily the strongest 7/8 seeds we’ve seen in the last few years. It’s definitely possible for Dallas to knock the Clippers out. Unlikely, but I’m sure as hell rooting for them.
Youthful legs in a compressed format – Mavs over Bucks in 6, King Luka is here. I’ll delete this comment after they get swept by the clips.
I’m sure we’re all excited for the playoffs to begin on Monday, who will win nba championship 2020