What are the best basketball articles nba articles to read you have ever read :nba

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I just realised MyPlayer in my career is essentially an Immortal, he’s averaging: 54/18/12/5.4/4.8 on 71/51/92 and is 7’3″ with an 8’5″ wingspan.
Oh my god, the P.E.R. graphs are killing me.
The Re-education of Chris Copeland by Flinder Boyd. One of the few times I truly felt for an athlete and realized just how much of a privilege it is to make the NBA.
There’s a lot more you can add if you draw from the past few SLOAN conferences.
Not an article but “Magic & Bird – A Courtship of Rivals” was a great documentary about how those two competed, became friends, and saved the NBA.
The San Antonio Spurs’ Manu Ginóbili is a statistical freak: he has no imbalance whatsoever in his game — there is no one way to play him that is better than another. He is equally efficient both off the dribble and off the pass, going left and right and from any spot on the floor.
This is a great article on Paul Pierce and his time in Boston and Brooklyn. On mobile though so not sure how to link it
Darth Kobe, The Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of Kobe Bryant
They just beat the midnight deadline of the time for agreeing to the trade and phoning it in to the league.
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Does anybody else feel like the NBA totally botched the post-Malice at the Palace response? Seems like they’ve responded by calling normal fouls flagrant fouls and assessing a ton of technicals for the most minor things… and worst of all they’ve now implemented replay to sort everything out.
Person of Interest: Kwame Brown by Jay Caspian Kang. One of my favourite pieces of writing in general, actually.
i loved that article. i’d have posted it if it werent already here.
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I guess it’s not a basketball article, but I consider Simmons the best basketball/sports writer. This one touches home.
That’s crazy. I’ve said in the past that Manu Ginobili is one of the most offensively talented SG’s to ever played the game, he just never was in a situation where he got the minutes and usage needed to put up comparable numbers to the other great SG’s of our time.
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Just appeals to the nerd in me. It’s very well written, has attractive graphics, goes over super detailed design stuff and has a lot of research that nobody knew about yet like the Pelicans new court design. Now I wish Zach would do one for uniform rankings.
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Homer Pick: shable.com/2015/04/15/nba-warriors-jim-barnett/ but honestly I was pretty teary eyed when I read this because Jim Barnett is such a staple for Warriors basketball. It would have been weird if he wasn’t broadcasting for the team this year.
Jonathan Abrams’ piece on the Malice at the Palace.
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I will admit that it always seems odd to me when people list him as the third best player on the Spurs dynasty. It always seemed to me that as good as Tony Parker is/was, Manu was the second best player on the team for a long stretch.
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Three-Man Weave by Chuck Klosterman s/three-man-weave/
Not exactly an article, but the is beautiful
Context matters, too. Internet basketball writers were exploding, from Zach Lowe, to the Starters, to Matt Moore, to Freedarko. All were pushing ways of understanding the NBA that weren’t based on the access to players that MSM outlets had always enjoyed.
This one, in particular, is my favorite. It imagines the return of Jeremy Lin to the Knicks in the distant future. sj.com/articles/SB10000872396390444464304577535081027315006
i’d assumed that his whole ruthless alpha-dog routine was an intrinsic quality of his, not something that he chose consciously and saw as most effective for the achievement of his goals.
I like Brian Phillips’ writing too. Simmons was great at assembling writers
has to be one. Written by Mark Titus former Ohio State walk-on, talks about his alcoholism and depression and what it’s like to be one of the NBA’s most recent draft busts.
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Yago Colas on Manu Ginobili, as a part of their “Why We Watch” series.
It’s not very long and certainly does not go deep into analysis but I love the tone and sentiment.
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Holy shit i didn’t know about any of this, poor Ryan Anderson!
It ended so abruptly! Wish the story had continued.
“I said, ‘Ted, you ought to have a Polish guy on your team.’ He asked me who I meant and I told him Paul Mokeski, so we put him in that trade.”
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Bring him down. Build him up. All to the whim of the armchair expert who at the end of the day doesn’t really give a fuck either way.
This piece was great, but I’ll never forget this part about what happened after the Pacers got back into the locker room:
But this is not about Tim Duncan ruining my childhood. This is about the fact that from the start of the Shaq era to the end of Kobe era, we were actually living in the Tim Duncan era.
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A requiem for the S.S.O.L. Era in Phoenix by Bill Simmons sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=simmons/080501
Honestly, after reading that piece, I kinda understand the NBA’s reaction. Think about how it started: a couple of hard fouls, which resulted in Wallace pushing Artest. I guess I can see why the NBA would say “we are gonna handle these situations before they get out of hand. Excessively hard foul? Flargrant 2, you’re out, so that there’s no way for anyone to retaliate against you. And techs for things like taunting so we can get that before it leads to something worse”
at the time though, i wasnt really interested in its practical application, as you currently seem to be. i was more fascinated with the path kobe chose to follow.
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Collection of Scholarly Articles Analyzing Basketball
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manu was statistically one of the clutchest player in the league on his prime, parker played more minutes and put more stats “numbers” but at least for me manu was always the man, even a couple of years ago the ball always ended on manu´s hands even is he was having a mediocre game, this last year was the exception sadly.
I hadn’t heard to much of John Stockton. Then I read this article. This guy was loaded with stats. slcdunk.com/utah-jazz-articles/2015/3/26/8297383/jazz-john-stockton-chris-paul-steve-nash-magic-johnson-isiah-thomas-ridiculous
“He signed up James to play for a 9-year-old team and enlisted him as an assistant coach for 8-year-olds, believing that coaching would accelerate his basketball learning curve.”
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Great article by Woj on how ginobili and team Argentina help USA basketball be revitalized. Probably one of my favorite nba related articles ever.
I always looked forward to all of /u/mensrea ‘s stuff. He was like Zach Lowe but with more focus on strategy and less focus on prose.
I Enjoyed this one a lot but then again i am a huge Orlando Magic fan
Wednesday night ballooned into something else. Once it became clear that Chicago wasn’t fading and a sense of desperation started setting in for Miami, that led to my second-favorite moment of the night: LeBron saying Screw this, I’m guarding Hinrich and hounding the aging Chicago point guard everywhere, unwilling to allow that streak to slip away without doing everything possible to save it. In turn, that led to my favorite moment — LeBron allowing Hinrich to keep driving past him so he could block the ensuing layup. And he did it twice!!! I’ve been watching basketball forever … I have NEVER seen that before, not even from Jordan. To be fair, I never saw Russell , but please, tell me the next time I’m going to watch a basketball player so supernaturally confident in his own inhuman athletic ability that he intentionally allows an opponent to attempt layups that he can block.
Death of Defense: shype.com/articles/defense_lazenby.htm
I read and did research on this Royce White article for a Psychology paper. I love psychology, I love basketball, and I love Royce White’s game . It was a great read.
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Also, anything Jon Bois writes. The dude is goddamn hilarious. I don’t know how to really explain his humor, but it’s side-splitting.
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I really enjoyed his article about PEDs which came out shortly before last years super bowl.
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Not any one article in particular, but everything Lee Jenkins writes is ridiculously engrossing. His ability to paint a picture with words is nearly unmatched. Every time one of his stories comes in an issue of SI, I’m like a little kid at Christmas.
this one was very interesting spn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/11067098/lebron-james-greatest-weapon-brain
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Insert any longform Abrams has done. He is a master of his craft.
The ending of the KD video is pure gold when he just stares into the camera.
All the Kings’ Men . It’s a superb Grantland piece from last year about the Kings 2002 WCF against the Lakers, plus some concluding remarks beyond.
An All-Too-Serious Break Down of Space Jam by Zack Lowe is one of my favorite pieces by Zack Lowe. It was written during the dog days of the 2014 NBA off season and it’s a hilarious point of view of someone who’s never seen Space Jam and someone who is as ultra-analytical as Zack.
Anatomy of a Deal: Kawhi Leonard for George Hill
How the Warriors built the NBA’s best defense from earlier this year
Does anybody else feel like the NBA totally botched the post-Malice at the Palace response?
Did he ever put this draft class on 2K share???
It just makes me sad for all the guys in their situation who don’t have that hope of salvation via athletic talent.
I really liked God Loves Cleveland by Simmons. Helps understand what makes players like MJ and Bron so damn good. I had a casual NBA fan the other day ask me why MJ and Bron are considered so much better than everybody and I just directed him to this article
LeBron James: 4th Grade. While it isn’t the best, and it is kind of short, it will really make you develop new found respect for LeBron and appreciate him more after seeing what he went through.
I actually don’t, as ‘overboard’ as maybe it was — people once again at that time were thinking of all Nba players as ‘thugs’ and ‘criminals’ — obviously a ton of which has to do with a sport that allows young black males to succeed and is not fair to the players, but it was still a common thought post-Iverson etc. I think the reaction to the Malice helped change that perception. It’s certainly not the case anymore, and the change has bee quite drastic. I think the reaction to the Malice was a part of that.
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Favorite Simmons piece: s/daring-ask-ped-question/
This article is helping me out through business and relationships. Most people assume you have to be a Jordan or Kobe to achieve success – a ruthless leader. But when you look at Bill Russell, Magic, and LeBron, it shows that everyone has different leadership styles and that there are different paths to success.
I still remember reading that article for the first time when it was posted 2009 because my dog passed away a week before that from diabetes and cancer. Medo had just turned 6 in November. Glorious huskey rotty. Before he got sick, he was around 130lbs and a shaggy red coat. Last visit to the vet in December he was around 70lbs. All the shit I’ve been through in my life and the toughest was knowing how I couldn’t do a damn thing to save him.
For real. What bootstraps are people talking about?
I couldn’t see your link either and was confused why you’d just written “Link.” until it clicked that link would mean you’d linked the article haha, damn purple font ain’t helping nobody
I’ve never read what the dress code actually prohibits/allows but it’s probably racist if it’s a reaction to Iverson. It has, however, had some interesting unintended consequences .
Go look up the Bill Belichick Offseason Simulator. It’s something else.
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Michael Lewis on Shane Battier and the rise of analytics. The No Stats All Star
Reminds me of the first time I read The Book of Basketball and being completely shocked that Duncan was ranked #7. Duncan is criminally under appreciated in a historical context.
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As an avid basketball fan, it made me understand analytics in a much better way.
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Please, no. I didn’t want to go on any feel trips this weekend.
This article makes me laugh every single time
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Yesssss I forgot about this one, I died laughing reading this
Lewis helped to crown at least one of those alternate ways of knowing, and it was pretty big for changing the landscape of basketball journalism.
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he also wrote the Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles , which is fucking hilarious and will get you through ~3 work days
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Great call, it’s a really interesting look at how making this your job kills some of the best parts of following the sport.
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His Breaking Madden series consistently makes me cry laughing. I love him so much. nba articles to read
“Michael Kidd-Gilchrist’s jump shot, voice remain a work in progress” . It’s powerful stuff
It’s about the subculture of basketball in Germany and Dirk’s roots. It really is a great read and perfectly encapsules what it’s like to be a basketball fan in Gemany. The writer paints a beautiful picture and it sometimes reads more like a travel journal than a sports article. Might not be too intersting to most people, but give it a shot.
as someone who was a fan of the Shaq-Penny Magic back when I was in middle school, I loved this
‘In Miami, Bob Jiggity’s morale is listed as ‘fed up’. At the bottom, we see why he’s probably fed up: he isn’t getting paid. He has no skills, so the game, understandably, decides he deserves no money.”
Favorite Abrams piece: s/the-controversial-life-career-memphis-grizzlies-zach-randolph/
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I’ve always loved this Lowe article on Kyle Korver s/kyle-korver-nba-atlanta-hawks/
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Jackson: After we calmed down, looked at me like, “Jack, you think we going to get in trouble?” Jamaal Tinsley fell out laughing. I said, “Are you serious, bro? Trouble? Ron, we’ll be lucky if we have a freaking job.” That lets me know he wasn’t in his right mind, to ask that question.
Ironic that the arrogance shown in those tweets, articles, watercooler chats is far greater than the man himself shows to generate such polarising opinions.
Can we do whole series? Or parts of series? Because I really liked a lot of the older Bill Simmon’s trade value articles.
Dude, that website was visionary. I was just rereading some of that stuff that they had back around 2008, and it’s like a precursor to all of modern basketball blogging.
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🙂 smokinggun.com/documents/crime/kobe-bryant-police-interview
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Warriors A_Hint_of_Lemon 2 指標 3 指標 4 指標 6 年前
This is probably my favorite piece from him. It’s pretty damn heartfelt but still pretty funny.
I come back and read this every few weeks. Fucking crazy how we got here from there.
2015: The Warriors defeat the Cavaliers in the finals, four games to two.
Fantastic read. I’m not always a huge LeBron fan but after reading articles like this I always have a brief moment of really appreciating what the dude has been through.

Not the best article, but the most memorable one.
This one, while not NBA related, was an amazing article in how to look like an absolute idiot journalist. Of course the original author deleted it, but it has been saved, and is an immeasurably entertaining read.
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Steve Kerr user to write for Yahoo Sports on a regular basis before he went to Phoenix. I enjoyed those.
Layden: And there’s another element here, Jim: You want the fans to feel like they could do a better job than you. When I was in New York, every Knicks fan thought they could do better than me. Every one of them. And they were probably right. Well, you know what that really means? There’s a small piece inside of them that says, “If this schmuck can run the Knicks, maybe some day, I can run the Knicks.” And once they think that, you have them for life. Those are the people who keep buying tickets and jerseys and hats.
Ben Gordon has retired because he’s fucking terrible
Not the best, but certainly a great read on Ryan Anderson and mental health in general.
Ah wow purple text too hard for me to see ahaha.
Best of all he uses godspeed you! black emperor. Excellent choice of music for the dystopian basketball future that awaits us.
I know im gunna get down voted to hell but I can’t help it I’m bored without bball.
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I am not a huge Orlando Magic fan but still thought this article was awesome, highly recommend it.
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This is the perfect thread for right now. I’m just itching for something to do before the finals start.
Dirk’s Deutschland, published on Grantland like so many good articles.
I can’t find the link but there was this Zach Lowe article that, unlike his usual stuff, talked about his own life, and going from a sports fan to a sports writer. He apparently used to get so into Celtics games that his friends refused to watch with him. Less than a year after writing articles for a living, he was watching a Celtics game and realized they were just another team to him. The analytical approach he takes, and always trying to assess the situation on the court as impartially as possible, killed his ability to be a fan. I thought that was fascinating.
Really old blog post/article written back in 2006. This was before the idea of the “Black Mamba” was well known to the media and public. Gave a very insightful explanation of what was going on with Kobe since 2004.
Apart from the arrogance he displays – he is the model athlete for the league. A solid father-first & team-first guy – yet gets shit on by all comers.
this really interesting piece about Kobe Bryant.
Edit: Wow frontpage this is like a dream
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That oral history of the Orlando Magic was fire.
That throwback article that ESPN Dallas had when they interviewed Dirk Nowitzki after he was drafted! “Hopefully it all works out” was the best part, cuz it sure as damn hell did
sbnation.com/nba/2014/6/3/5772796/nba-y2k-series-finale-the-death-of-basketball link for those wondering
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God damn I want Bill Simmons daughter to become a Laker fan so badly
When you put it all into context, then sit back and look at all of the hate this kid has recieved by the media, the fans, other players etc.. the story gets even sadder.
Favorite paragraph. I felt the same exact way about those 2 Hinrich blocks. Absolutely ridiculous.
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This is the T-Mac/Dune mashup that explained T-Mac’s greatness better than anything I’ve ever read. He truly was a basketball space messiah.
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Obviously based on my flair I was quite interested to read this, as it brought back great memories. It’s a pretty long read, but if you’re traveling by rail, plane, etc. definitely check it out.
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I know Dirk Nowitzki fan-fiction has been a played trope since the early 2000s, but this story of Dirk is one of the greatest things I’ve ever read. This thing let gives you a better understanding of Dirk in 2009 than any factual account of his career.
What are the best basketball articles nba articles to read you have ever read :nba
What are the best basketball articles nba articles to read you have ever read :nba
Michael Lewis’s NYT article about Shane Battier has always stood out to me.
It really puts things in perspective when you could argue that we haven’t made a mistake since, and that arguably step 60 was step one in the right direction.
Patrick Pattersons self written article for the Players Tribune
I already linked it kuh. But yeah, really sums up how important sport is to us
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Netw3rk’s Rondo Connect 4 article is one of the funniest s-hands-rajon-rondo-gives-connect-four-advice-to-children/
I usually avoid Bleacher Report like the goddamned plague, but this was very good.
Made me laugh harder than almost anything I’ve ever read. Been through it half a dozen times now.
Also, the Tim Tebow Chronicles. Love everything he does.
Seems like ESPN took it down but I really enjoyed “Michael Jordan has not left the building”
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Wow that’s a great article. I really like his writing. Too bad he won’t be writing for Grantland anymore. I really enjoy he and Zach Lowe together.
Link. I had already copied this onto my clipboard before opening the thread. Definitely my favorite.
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“Michael Jordan has not Left the Building” by Wright Thompson was pretty good. Also years ago there was a write up on Kwame Brown just before his second season that I loved.
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Then simply click on your username on Reddit, go to the comments tab, scroll down as far as possibe , and hit the new OVERWRITE button at the top.
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Such a great article. My heart quickens every time I read it.
Steve Francis reluctantbadass 19 指標 20 指標 21 指標 6 年前
The Consequence of Caring by Bill Simmons. Just sums up sport in general.
This piece on Javaris Crittenton may be the best little bit of sports journalism I’ve ever read.
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What are the best basketball articles you have ever read?
That Grantland article about the Malice at the Palace was pretty well written
From 1993 Harper’s Magazine The Last Shot by Darcy Frey. The original is behind a paywall but a pdf version is here .
The Mythic Era of NBA Basketball. Takes a great look into how the game has changed since the 90’s and pretty much explains how the talent wasn’t far and away better than it is now, despite what some nostalgic folk would have you believe. We are seeing the most talented NBA ever right now folks, enjoy it.
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He definitely doesn’t want people reading this and pity him.
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Bill Simmons article about the Warriors past after their last championship in 75 to the booing of Lacob during the Mullin number retirement ceremony.
I legitimately cried at the KD video and the epilogue.
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This. Her article remembering Reggie Lewis is to this day one of the best things I’ve ever read. Highly recommend. spn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/9510589/remembering-reggie-lewis-20-years-tragic-death
his twitter consistently makes me laugh out loud too
Bill Simmons, Zack Lowe, Jonathan Abrams–you three changed the way I look at not only basketball, but life in general.
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Thank you for posting this. Such a good piece.
the way simmons interweaves some underlying principles in russell’s biography into kobe’s development as a leader was masterful and unexpected and set up the mindblowing conclusion that really impacted the way i felt about kobe.
Great long form piece by Sally Jenkins on Kwame Brown and the difficulties of being an 18 year old pro. Helps you see how human these guys are.
Would be interesting to see how his career woud pan out if he ended up on a team that needed him to be “the guy”.
That hit close to home ;_____;, but that was beautifully written and portrayed suicide the way it should be.
And who doesn’t love Battier? He’s my favorite ball player of all time, I think.
Everyone I saw on this page got an upvote from me, for giving me a good day’s worth of Basketball reading to pass the time during the offseason.
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Stepien at first rebuffed McCloskey’s trade proposal – one that didn’t include Mokeski. When somebody pointed out to McCloskey that Stepien, of Polish descent, had an affinity for Polish players, he called Stepien back to make one final pitch for Laimbeer using Mokeski as the bait.
I say this because I think all these stoppages of play actually contribute to the testiness of NBA players. Think about how the Malice started… the game was stopped. People were getting testy and looking at replays… somebody chucked a beer. If there’s ever going to be another NBA arena brawl won’t it happen while the game is stopped while they’re replaying some hard foul?
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s.blogspot.com/2013/03/ode-luke-walton-worst-player-nba.html this one
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Anatomy Of A Miracle: Ray Allen’s shot in Game 6 by Lee Jenkins
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Written by the same author of the previous article, this one gives some psychological analysis Kobe’s actions during the 2006 playoff series against the Suns and how the media viewed him at the time. Seriously one of the best insights ever written on the subject. It acknowledges him as quitting, but actually gives a reason why.
Gloria obviously loves LeBron more than anything else, and I’m not trying to rag on the one person who was ALWAYS there for the guy, and would have been even if he never showed the slightest bit of talent — but it’s clear that she simply could not provide a stable household for LeBron. Some of the examples in there are legitimately scary. It’s a little bit sad that he didn’t get his first taste of a stable family until someone realized he had tremendous athletic talent.
The only real mistake I can think of is Nedovic and maybe Onionbut you’re bound to hit duds in any draft
On a similar note, I was fucking pissed when David Stern instituted the dress code. I still think you could legitimately argue the ban on ‘hip hop fashion’ is racist BUT I have to admit, the dress code has helped the league’s public perception.
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I present to you Jim Carty’s masterpiece: Izzo’s Gang No Longer Green Giant
Wished I could give you 200 upvotes to make this #1, Shane Battier is one of the best defenders that never had huge stats. who will play nba finals 2020