What’s nba 2020 predictions reddit your bold prediction for the 2019

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That would be kind of lame to be honest unless Houston gets Westbrook or something.
Gafford ends up being real promising and starting by years end.
Nuggets PeteJones6969 0 指標 1 指標 2 指標 2 年前
Lakers are fifth seed due to an injury to AD or Lebron
Unfortunately, he only played 42 games last year. But I have every belief that if he had been healthy, the Pelicans would have made the playoffs, and he would have been up there for MIP.
Westbrook makes it through the first round
The Clippers aren’t a top five defensive team.

Warriors don’t get out of the first round of the playoffs.
Ratings continue declining as fewer places in America feel their local team has a chance.
I definitely think Jaylen makes the jump next year. However, I really hope he doesn’t and makes it the year after with the Mavs ????
Miami Heat come out of the east after adding Westbrook
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Jazz are hella underrated too. People just undervalue depth in general. But a 50win team that adds Conley, Bogdanovic, Ed Davis, and Jeff Green, is no joke.
I had a feeling Payton might be real good this year too.
Davis Bertans ScaryBullfrog 2 指標 3 指標 4 指標 2 年前
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If the Raptors don’t trade everyone away at the deadline, they’ll win the East still
I think he was referring to the body of my post ????????
Marcus Smart thatgreik 1 指標 2 指標 3 指標 2 年前
Hot take: AD wins MVP. He effectively played 1/2 a season last year, is rested and ready, and is capable of averaging 30/12/4 while playing elite defense.
Lakers have chemistry issues similar to Boston last year and finish disappointingly
Nets win the East but don’t do well in the playoffs.
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Hot take: Blazers make the playoffs, after yet again, being predicted to not make the playoffs.
The Heat will have a better record than the Nets, who will struggle to defend and whose poor frontcourt will cause issues.
Jaylen Brown makes the jump that everyone expects Tatum to make
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Denver is the 1 seed. Is that a bold prediction? Maybe Utah top 2 seed?
Pelicans AnotherStatsGuy 0 指標 1 指標 2 指標 2 年前
Warriors Rockets WCF. Both LA teams have first year growing pains, Denver isn’t quite experienced enough to make the jump, Blazers just don’t have enough, and Utah despite fixing some key holes in the lineup don’t quite have enough.
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You know what, I’m all in on this timeline
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With their roster Rozier could be a borderline all star and they could still go 12-70
There supporting cast is much much worse than last years, if Bron or AD miss significant time they could very well miss the playoffs.
i really want them to get westbrook, and hopefully at a low cost. i know that means more competition for us but i think wed still definitely be better then them and id love to see how that duo looks
Not gonna lie, that would be fun. Im not a Hawks hater ????
Read the title and then look at my comment again and ask yourself how you made that jump in your head.
The Kings and Mavs will be bottom four teams in the West and will be perceived as relative disappointments.
Elfrid Payton will win MIP averaging 10 boards and 10 assists. With all of their PFs that can box out for Payton to easily grab a bunch of defensive boards and said PFs can finish in the paint, the Knicks’s setup is perfect for this.
Anthony Davis will take a leap, will average 28/12/4 , become league mvp and carry the Lakers to a possible title
Clippers TheFurgusShow 0 指標 1 指標 2 指標 2 年前
The team that literally is being given the best title odds is underrated?
67 wins a lot of high fives and the bench is going to be jumping up and down because the 6th man just dunked in a 30 point blow out
Wilt Chamberlain efranklin13 39 指標 40 指標 41 指標 2 年前
The Rockets will be the second seed in the West and will make the WCF.
Well one thing is for certain, LeBron doesn’t easily get injured. The injury he got this past season was literally his first “serious” injury that made him not play for about 20 games I believe. He also spends 7 figures to take care of his body. I just hope he will help Anthony Davis to stay extremely healthy.
LeBron will not get past the second round and people will make a shit ton of excuses for him
Davis Bertans ScaryBullfrog 24 指標 25 指標 26 指標 2 年前
He obviously isn’t but nephews will ask this
Jazz will win their conference but lose the finals.
Raptors make it deeper in the playoffs than the Clippers do
Bucks better than the 76ers. Whos gonna score outside tobias ?
Oh ok. I apologize. nba 2020 predictions reddit You said “injury to AD or LeBron” so that is why I said that. I apologize once again.
Sixers won’t see any significant change in their record from last season.
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Imagine thinking lakers will get swept with all games being home ????????????????
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Warriors technicallycorrect2 1 指標 2 指標 3 指標 2 年前
Warriors somehow win the title and dlo hits a game winner vs the Lakers and does the ice in my veins celebration
Why worry about Jaylen when we’re getting Giannis?
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Timberwolves sir_piggles 4 指標 5 指標 6 指標 2 年前
Honestly, Clippers are underrated too, I think they’re far and away the favourites. That team is so good, I had them making the playoffs even before getting Kawhi and PG , while I saw some people have them as low as 12th
I feel like an injury drops them lower than the 5th seed. Nuggets, Clips, Warriors, Jazz, Rockets, are all waay better teams in that scenario. Even Portland and Spurs might be better.
Tampa Bay Raptors tangytime 1 指標 2 指標 3 指標 2 年前
Celtics Boston_Champions 8 指標 9 指標 10 指標 2 年前
Are you wishing injury upon a player? Why man? That’s demonic ????
Idk maybe the leading scorer on the team past two years named Joel embiid
Mickael Pietrus TheLastSecondShot 38 指標 39 指標 40 指標 2 年前
I’d be so happy if Brown made a star jump.
What’s your bold prediction for the 2019-2020 season?
Knicks Prideofmexico 0 指標 1 指標 2 指標 2 年前
I’ve got the lakers taking OKCs spot ???? but it doesnt really matter. I just can’t wait for the new season
Pacers Person_Impersonator 0 指標 1 指標 2 指標 2 年前
Counterpoint: Hornets go 12-70, get third pick in the draft.
Clippers Lakers series will be a first round matchup.
The top four teams in the East will be the same as they were last season.
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Pacers make the ECF and lose to the bucks. Heat will get the 4 seed. Bucks and clippers play in the final. Bucks in 6
Yes, that’s how good I think they are. And also, they may have the best odds but they’re not considered favourites by most people
and join one of thousands of communities.
Darius Garland wins Roty. Cavs fan so a bit biased. If I were unbiased it would be that Heat get Westbrook and are a top 3 seed after Jimmy Butler has a career year.
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Jannero Pargo flaccidplatypus 24 指標 25 指標 26 指標 2 年前
No idea. All I know is that it will be a very exciting season. Almost like a fresh start for both conferences.
Toronto Raptors go back to back and win the title against the LA Clippers. Siakam Finals MVP
Ingram, not Zion, will be the leading scorer on the Pelicans
Wally Szczerbiak wtgm 5 指標 6 指標 7 指標 2 年前
First round: 6 seed Nuggets eliminate 3 seed Lakers in 6 games.
Lakers get eliminated in the second round
The Lakers won’t be a top four seed in the West, but will win at least one playoff series.
I think the Clippers sweep the Lakers in the playoffs.
This isn’t even that bold honestly especially in the East
Lakers miss the playoffs after either AD or LeBron get injured and they don’t have enough depth even though whoever remains healthy has ungodly numbers.
Wiggins will make a massive turnaround and will finally begin to live up to they hype
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Spicy P makes 3rd team all NBA due to improvement higher usage/being first option.
Celtics Fans will be jealous of the Nets and will brigade the Nets subreddit after every Nets win.
I feel the same. Whose spot do they replace though, the spurs? Ive never counted the spurs out of the playoffs but it really could happen this new season coming up.
I’m not wishing I’m making a realistic prediction of what might happen.
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Caris LeVert will look so good out the gate that people will ask if he’s better than Kyrie
RJ Barrett will score a fair amount, but will have bad advanced stats and will become a really polarizing prospect.
Lebron will not get swept in the playoffs with AD on his team
Zion dunks on AD so hard that AD turns to dust. who is favorite to win nba title 2020